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Our Founder

Rob Frate is a visionary.

He can walk into a dingy kitchen that has been scorched by flames and is buried in dust and imagine a cheery white kitchen with light dancing through the windows. Rob will work with you to put all of your ideas and dreams into the kitchen you've always imagined. He is a trusted thought partner, with much expertise, and will ensure your satisfaction with the completed project. 


Robert Frate


What Sets Us Apart

kitchen sketch color_edited.jpg

You can work through your contractor or directly with us, as it is an option to have a single point of contact from design to finish. We understand that all cannot always picture what they have in their head together as a kitchen so, each customer's design is made into a full color rendering


As well as having much expertise, Frate Custom Cabinetry also is known for its success in working within a budget. Even within budget constraints, we are able to complete the kitchen you've always wanted. There are many varieties of styles and designs for every budget. We will support you through the entire process of your renovation and make that sure, that in the end, your new kitchen feels like home

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